Xerxes Qados / Zack Green (xerxesqados) wrote,
Xerxes Qados / Zack Green

Dialogue For YFIAS Episode 2 is Done

You see that picture? That’s the result of me not thinking ahead.

See, today, Raye Gestwick — the voice of Leora in Your Face is a Saxophone — came to my bedroom recording studio to record her lines for Episode 2. Had I been thinking, I would have had the bright idea to take a photo of her actually standing at the microphone, delivering her lines. But I didn’t, so now all I have is the microphone stand still set up, the mixer still sitting on top of my laundry hamper, after she’d wrapped up and left.

But anyway, now that we have Raye’s lines, Episode 2′s dialogue is completely recorded, and we’re now free to animate every single scene. Animation’s going a bit slower this week because Erica Frohnhoefer, my other animator, is out of town, but it’s still progressing.

Originally posted at Plankhead
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