Xerxes Qados / Zack Green (xerxesqados) wrote,
Xerxes Qados / Zack Green

Sticky: This is not a journal

I no longer use Livejournal anymore. No particular reason, I just prefer alternatives.

I still read my friends' journals, but not through my friends page. I use Feedly, combined with FreeMyFeed for Friends Only compatibility.

The only posts you will see here are mirrored from my blog on Plankhead. Comments on these posts are disabled, but they have a link to comment on the original post, which is a painless process requiring no registration.

Most of my other updates are posted on my Twitter feeds, @XerxesQados and @omgpurplefox because it's faster and easier than LJ for me.

So, this journal only exists for the purposes of keeping my friends who are sticking with LJ updated.

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