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Go See Drag Me To Hell Like Now

I am not a fan of horror movies. I’ve never really gotten into them. The reason I went to see Drag Me To Hell wasn’t because the trailers got me interested, and not even that it was a Sam Raimi film (I confess, I only know him from Spiderman). I went because my dad wanted to see it.

He had heard that the lead character, who is facing the titular threat of being dragged to hell, is a loan officer who forecloses on a poor old woman’s house because she can’t pay her sub-prime mortgage. Given that he’s a financial editor for Bloomberg and covers that sort of thing, he “had to see it for work reasons.” Intrigued, I went with him.

Awesome. Movie. You want to see it. You really do.

If you’re not a fan of horror movies, you still want to see it. It’s not a disturbing kind of horror, more like a fun, roller-coaster sort of thrillride which will have you jump in your seat and then laugh your ass off. It’s both thrilling and hilarious, often at the very same time.

The plot is cheesy and predictable (which is perfectly fine), until it isn’t (which is even better). It gives off the vibe of a summer camp ghost story throughout, albeit a very refined and polished one. It’s best to go into the movie not having heard a lot about the plot, in my opinion, so I won’t say much more about it.

Just go see this movie. It’s excellent.

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